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Natural Horse Products Sample Pack

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Natural Horse Products Sample Pack

Natural Horse Products Sample Pack from Good Gear Naturals. Perfect for people that want to try our great all natural products. Made in Australia by hand, our products are all natural, and use locally sourced raw ingredients. Our aim is to provide affordable, effective all natural products that really work. Please check our stunning authentic reviews on Facebook

Natural Horse Products Sample Pack Item 1.Hoof Clay

Included is our 200 g Hoof Clay which is perfect for Thrush in Hooves as well as Seedy Toe. Made from mineral rich vulcanised clay, cold spun raw honey, zinc powder and essential oils. Sticks to hooves, easy to apply, smells great. If your horse has Thrush in collateral grooves or on the sole, smear the clay on daily for four days and the Thrush will be gone. For Seedy Toe the Hoof Clay packs easily into holes in the hoof wall and will prevent Seedy Toe organisms from entering. Perfect for cracks in the wall of the hoof

Natural Horse Products Sample Pack Item 2.Equine Sunscreen

Also included is our 60g Equine Sunscreen Powder with applicator. Long lasting chemical free sunscreen powder for pink noses. Non Toxic, water resistant, also can be used as make-up for white pink skinned animals. Zinc also toughens the skin and is antibacterial. Our Equine Sunscreen can be used on any pink skinned animals.

Natural Horse Products Sample Pack Item 3.Stay Put Cream

In addition we will include our 60ml Stay Put Cream in a squeeze bottle. Kills the organisms that cause Rain Scald and Mud Fever. Also great for Thrush deep in the central sulcus. Originally developed to combat Queensland Itch Hot Spots, our Stay Put Cream has worked miracles on many hard to treat cases. Made with a base of Cold pressed Castor Oil (Hexane free) to encourage hair regrowth, Zinc powder to toughen skin, and essential oils such as Kunzea, Lavender and Tea Tree our Stay Put Cream is an amazingly effective product.