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Custom Designed Logo Packages

Are you in search of a Equestrian specific designer that can cater for your design needs? A designer who is not only a horse lover but familiar with equine business and industry? ( I also do logos for other industries too)
As your image and brand matters get a custom design done by a designer that has a familiarity between various breeds and disciplines.
Which ever style you like, whether simple, modern, cartoon or traditional, I can do it all.

I am a Melbourne based designer however I have both a client vase here in Australia and more recently overseas.

How does it work?
Step 1. Research and Brainstorming
We start the design process by creating a design brief. By learning about you, your business, your services/ products, your clients. We ask about your likes and dislikes. Then our designers move to the drawing board, combining your input, and their creative talents to develop workable visuals for your logo design.

Step 2 Concepts, refinements and approval
We submit the first composition. You choose one concept from the samples provided, to be the focus of further enhancements. We listen to you and discuss your options before implementing any changes you request, sometimes we may even talk you out of an idea in order to suggest a much clearer and aesthetically pleasing option, so that you avoid hurdles in the long run.

Step 3. Get r' Done!
After the final revisions and your thumbs-up on the finished logo design, we will create a standard logo package for you. This provides you with everything you need to make the most of your new logo in all of your promotional materials in a range of formats and ready to go for a wide variety of applications in web or print.

Before starting any new jobs a design brief will need to be done in writing and after each round of revisions they ideas will have to be signed off before going onto the next stage.
A clear, concise detailed design brief is also very helpful, if I don't get initial direction and a good description of what is required it doesn't allow me to hit the nail on the head with creating ideas.

There will also be 3 different packages available.

A standard service which is great for businesses starting with a very basic design and limited to 3 revisions. (Good for new businesses who wants something very basic and knows what they want.)

Paint Horse Design Standard Package

3 unique concepts
3 revisions
Plus a business card design and letterhead design
All files (eps, pdf, jpg)

There will be deluxe service for premium logo design and business card, with a set amount of 5 revisions. ( This is ideal if you need to revamp or update an existing logo or need something looking very sleek and professional.) All files are set up to be print ready and you leave with a fantastic logo design.

Paint Horse Design Deluxe Package
5 unique concepts
5 revisions
Business card design
And 250 cards
Letterhead design
All files (eps, pdf, jpg)

And finally a Pro package with unlimited revisions, with business branding and a design set included with letterhead, business are social media banners ect. This is the ultimate service, and anything goes! Good for corporate clients, or the client that isn't sure of what they want, but they need a brand identity and concept that is AMAZING!

Paint Horse Design Pro Package
Custom logo design with unlimited revisions
Business card & letterhead design
1000 business cards printed
Digital letterhead file
Social media banners

Turn around time is usually 7 - 14 days but really depends on my workload I tend to get booked out quite quickly. For rush jobs done within 24-48 hours an additional fee of $150 can be applied for priority work.
Also for any cancellation of a job regardless of what stage the job is at, and for whatever reason, a kill fee of 50% is applied in order to cover my billable time therefore if you don't wish to proceed any further you will be refunded 50% and all drafts, ideas, sketches, and files still remain property of the designer.

The way I work my jobs is to involve my client in with the design process therefore, you're not lumped with any surprises and therefore you are not left with a design that you don't like. It is a process between designer and client, therefore it is
Important to have some solid ideas to start with so that the designer can assist you along the way.

Should you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me. 
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